Project management

Professional Time- & Performance Management

The acquisition of new production facilities requires a very sound knowledge about technologies and process engineering, which we provide for our clients from the beginning onwards. From the initial stage until taking the plant into operation, we take care of all steps necessary. This allows the best possible cost reduction, customers can save their resources and hence stay focused on their actual core-competencies and -business.


Detailed scheduling in every aspect is the key to keep control - especially when implementing large production facilities. In the conceptualization stage of the design process we must pose a driving force, which develops the best solutions and processes based on innovative ideas and technological competence.


Perfect organization and the "thinking ahead" mentality are integrated in a professional project management, in order to make sure all deadlines, milestones and delivery volumes are met correspondingly. Our clients always have one contact person who is responsible for the complete management of the project. Also here we stick to the strategy of "everything from one single source".


Our goal ist to optimize our customers plants and processes. With excellent efficiency, safety, maintainability and long life, our processing plants contribute to rationalization, modernization and quality control and assurance.


We offer complete concepts, covering all processes in solids handling, ranging from single components through turn key processing plants. Therefore we experience no boundaries, neither by fashion nor by the size of the project.


Next to delivering outstanding performance, we place particular importance on the ease of operating our systems. In order to achieve that, our services include high-end controls systems. These provide a smooth function, easy operation and if required also a remote controlled maintenance function of the plant´s systems.


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