Customized Process Controls Systems

Daxner‘s modular, efficient and reliable systems for production planning, controls, regulations and surveillance include:

  • Plant administration: Manages the entire production processes centrally, captures and records the current system status.

  • Modular design: According to the individual requirements of any production process, different modules for raw material reception & inventory control, transport, dosing, mixing, commissioning of small ingredients, packaging etc. can be added to our core module manager arbitrarily.

  • User-friendliness: All modules are constantly refined and improved based on our customers‘ experience. By reducing the required input operations to an absolute minimum and by integrating additional functions according to our customers‘ requirements a maximum user-friendliness is achieved.

  • Full traceability: The entire material flow is constantly traced, recorded and comfortably visualized. All relevant latest standards (like EU regulation 178/2002) are met.

special advantages

  • Modular design
  • Easy configuration
  • Arbitrarily extendable
  • Interface to ERP systems
  • HACCP implementation
  • Complete traceability
  • Barcode operation
  • Mulit-lingual operation
  • Contamination matrix
  • Remote maintenance
  • Service hotline


Our long-standing, trusted partner for controls systems since 1993:

ESA Elektronische Steuerungs- und Automatisierungs GmbH

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